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The (ISC2) Quantico Chapter seeks Cyber Security Speakers

We meet virtually online, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, using Microsoft 365 Teams, at 6:00 P.M.

We strive to host a dynamic Security Professional Speaker to keep our members informed of historic/modern methodologies used in
Cyberspace, information on security threats, vulnerabilities, risks,  governance; and solutions in the cyber security technology field.

Below are some broad topics of interest to our members:

Homeland Security Concerns

General Breach Preparedness

Cloud Security

Open-Source Security Tools

Cyber Defense & Threats

Growing Cyber Attack Surfaces

Risk Management Framework

Shadow & Rogue IT

Website Security Concerns

Supply Chain Risk Managemen

Identifying & Protecting Assets

Incident Response                           

Cybersecurity Governance

Information Security


Cyber Security Professional, available to speak for approximately 1 hour on a specific Cyber Security related topic.
Security Professionals Only. Non-Cyber Security topics will not be considered.

Please complete the form below.

Cyber Security Professional Speakers only!

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